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Dude, look.

I have been in love with Chandler Bing for all my life.

He's probably one of my favorite characters in the history of television.

Most of my humor traits come from him. I learned what sarcasm was because of that man.

I can remember clearly the first time I saw Chandler Bing on my TV. I swear to God, I can.

I own most of Matthew Perry's movies on VHS and DVD.

I'm putting myself through Mr. Sunshine for him.




amy -beautiful


Okay, I finally joined the rest of the world and watched Inception, and as the rest of the world, this needs a review.

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amy -beautiful

Jury Duty (ACT I)

Title: Jury Duty
Author: x_rose_tyler_x
Characters: Ensemble. Jeff/Annie. A bit of Jeff/Britta if you squint.
Summary: Jeff's douchiness is put on trial by the study group. Ben Chang joins the study group with suspicious intentions.
Notes: This is on script form. At first it was written for the milady_milord "What happens next?" challenge, but it turned out to be a script with three acts, main plot, subplot and even a Troy/Abed end tag. I don't even know. Thanks so much to 0penhearts for the beta-ing and general awesomeness &hearts

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Will/Rachel Picspam Part V

It's been months since the last one was posted, before the 4-month hiatus. I don't know why I stopped, maybe because I made a Tumblr and posted all the Will/Rachel stuff there *wink wink* *nudge nudge*, maybe because I was busy shipping Jeff/Annie like whoa or maybe because I just didn't feel like it. But I'm back! And since the Will/Rachel love seems to be spreading around the world (yes!) it was the perfect time to do it again. Beware, I love getting ahead of myself. Also beware, I don't like Kurt (most of the time).

Previous parts of the picspam

Part 1 (Pilot + Showmance)
Part 2: (Acafellas + Preggers)
Part 3: (The Rhodes Not Taken + Vitamin D)
Part 4: (Throwdown + Mashup)

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I hope you liked it! No much material here, but it does take a lot to put the picspams together. Why do they have the name of my website written all over them? Well, because people are really annoying and they upload it to their tumblrs (in case you don't know, THE URL ON THEM MEANS I'M UPLOADING THEM MYSELF) and 12 year olds upload them to fanpop, so at least when they'll do it they'll be giving me free advertisement.

I usually make two-episode picspams, but "Wheels" had to have one because I am doing a whole picspam for Ballads. Oh, I have SO MUCH TO SAY about that one.

Have a great day!